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le kaiku saint jean de luz menu

Stear going (volunteer) to war & dying (consider as a suicide in the novel). Come on, guys! !, she does not make mistakes, she does not mix her own language or script (that would be a vulgarity or a spelling mistake) , please leave Japanese to the Japanese people otherwise you would look like a fool. In early 1919 the new extension of Pony’s home starts, also we have the party in Miami, and in the early spring, William Albert finally presents himself to Candy as the Prince of Pony’s Hill - here comes the first letter in the epilogue (pp. Lakewood … that place”. The only place Candy wanted to stay when she was sad, was with Albert. There are also three pairs of events that at first might sound like the same thing, but there at least a year apart from each other, these 6 events are; Stear’s Funeral (c.1916 or early 1917) held in Chicago to which Candy is not invited to go & Stear’s Memorial (December 1918) held in Lakewood to which Candy attends. Bequi sorry to but i nedd to post somethin here,we the Albert fans Anneth Whitte is the most dirty person,she attacs us,I mean she was serious issues She think she is MIZUKI according to her CCFS was for Terry only she copys every information and trasformed into was her idea i meant really,she insulted you And Mizukis person and other person but i dint like what she said about Mizuki.She was and her clan had a serious issue just go agaisted ,becuase dont agree with her just for a anime she is everywhere.WHAt DESPICABLE Human SHE IS her ideas are just copies no knologed at all.she said she dont agreed. But when she wonders if this is what is like to live as a family she reaches the conclusion that she and Albert are not a family because that should feel different. When she says "I fell hard for someone who looked like you in London. Now that I’m back at Pony’s Home, those proved to be very useful.". Albert est un tuteur pour Candy, rien de plus, il souhaitait la rendre heureuse à l'époque d'où le choix de l'adoption. It's obvious that Candy treasured their correspondence, for she kept the letters nicely in one place in chronological order and was reading them the last, as if to lift her mood up after remembering sad events and reassure herself that everything is OK. Like she says "I have learnt how to get along with the fate. Albert already regained consciousness and he disappears in early 1917 - leaving a sad Candy behind, meanwhile searching for Albert, Candy (saw Terry) & meets Eleanor in Rocktown (but we’ll read about this encounter in her letter to Eleanor (pp.271-273)) written in the following year, so this is a Candy’s retrospective in 1918 about meeting Eleanor in early 1917) the letter to Eleanor is also written just around Candy & Neil engagement party, where Sir William (just turning 30) present himself to society. My advice is first gather your material (go to different sources - eg. The note from Terry may have come too late. At that time I was still a stowaway. But he is the one, "that petson" anohito (Albert/uncle william/ prince of the hill). So , she never thought of him like a brother or any kind of kinship. Y lo del barco me parece más bien un invento, porque como dicen en el comentario de arriba, si fuera cierto ya hubiera trascendido, por lo,tanto de mi parte ni el,beneficio de la,duda le doy. I am going to ask you to look after it again. Susana is dead, Terry sends a letter. But if I were to guess, I suggest you consider her current affairs when she wrote CCFS. Really good article, but I have some questions about the chronology. And this story is about Candy first of all,about her actions and only after that about other characters actions and how or if they affect Candy. "I don’t want to leave HIM who, above all, wants me by his side ALL THE TIME" - that sentence attracted my attention and provoked doubts. Why Candy had Albert's letters? We have the two finalists. well we are happy because she has two wonderful man in her life!!!. Voici les liens : son forum : I've seen this anime many years ago and, like most of us, could never forget it, for it made a profound impact on me. Can you give us explanation why Candy left Terry alone in Rockstown and insisted on looking for Albert? In this case, for those who, within their own rights to interpret this story as they wish and that personally fulfills them, the tale then all boils down to a male who has legal parental status over a female met whom said male character as a very small child. After Candy’s adoption in the summer of 1912, she starts a new life close to Anthony (5) probably in autumn of 1912 Anthony dies tragically (7), Candy is devastated (8) & she loses weight. THE END. Stratford company would not risk to go into a warzone - thus this letter was written at least in 1919. Some people could keep convincing others about Terry being anohito. Unexpected, at their return to the school in London, they are framed and Terry abandons the school to protect Candy’s honor, Candy also leaves London shortly after him (is the end of 1913). Surprisingly enough, from this moment on (spring 1919) till next year (spring 1920) Candy & WA are going to keep-up appearances and behaving formal, even distant in front of others. They had a very strong motive to separate the two.So,let's get to the accident:Anthony fell off a horse and lied on the ground, Candy saw the whole thing and was shocked. The author's idea to end the novel with "Anohito" as the mysterious husband of Candy is interesting and leaves much space for guesses and imagination. hi Marianna Marg, is not a new novel, is the only novel wrote by mizuki and published in 2010 in Japanese, and now translated to Italian. I myself was crying over their separation when i first read it over 20 years ago. I think that it would not be too long. The Epilogue is not much different, we are already in good spirit (after reading Terry note, B2/pp283). When Candy writes --- “I fell hard for someone who looked like you in London. I searched on Google tried to find the translation of CCFS, it's been 4 years since the CCFS books launched but with so many petition asking the writer to launch the CCFS in English, why's Keiko Nagita didn't take any action.And she didn't even have any Fans Page for us. Note from Terry “to whom it may concern” instructing to give a letter from him to Candy and then the letter itself, where he writes he is leaving London & the school, because there is something he wants to do in America (B2pp134-135). December - Stear’s Memorial Burial in Lakewood. Sometime later during this year Albert leaves for a long business trip, that will send him as far as San Paulo, (p.310 and pp. But because section III is written in epistolary format, when reading the letters we might feel some scenes are now missing from the plot. Not at Pony's Home (with her parents), not at her other friends', but with Albert. Not all of course, I've seen many Terry-fans respect Albert-fans. At the end of 1919, W.A. Society only allows them to be lovers, but W.A. If in fact she truly always had Albert in mind for Candy then the story was told to her satisfaction, no need to indulge in this sort of Final Story-telling.And then, if we are to say the story is about Candy and Albert sexually paring off as man and wife, there is a major factor that anyway it wants to be cut or shown to be made "palatable" or "moral" by fans who overlook this fact for one reason or another, it is still anathema to any society that condemns sexual grooming in any media. Then you have to play by Mizuki’s rules (and you are better-off if you like puzzles), "It was always like playing with wire puzzles, I had learned a lot from you doctor. It is sad that we do not have so much Albert´s feelings or thoughs as Terry´s, only a few letters at the end or candy´s memories about him, but without cronology...the letters that candy has in her jewel box´ present that his husband gave her. ...WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT ONE!!! Can Anthony be Anohito? returns the diary back to her (7). The way Terry started the letter and said " Hi candy ... how are you? However, in my opinion, despite the position placed here, it does not add up to a convincing argument.If you honestly believe Candy ended up with Albert as you do affirm that Miizuki did so in the manga, novel and amine, would it not be a tad ridiculous for Mizuki to go through this exercise of writing Final Story only to kill the Suzanne Marlowe (to give some fans a very good reason to celebrate) and leave the revelation of Candy's spouse only as an un-named "That Person?" La seule fois où ils ont vécu ensemble, Albert était amnésique et ignorait que l'infirmière avec il vivait était sa fille adoptive. She ended up with Albert, so It made sense for her reading all letters from her friends and other relatives first because she missed them in America, and ending it with Albert's. Instead, he went to the hospital, got anxious when they couldn't find Susana (who was on the roof with Candy), and as he understood she was making something terrible for her, ran on the roof very worried. Terry is a love-child, nothing more pure & beautiful than him and yet, society doesn’t want him, ignores and excludes him. Equivoqually rewritten out of respect for fan's feelings (some fans) , that explains the artificial introduction of Susana's death and Terry's note to Candy... Dear Anonymus (Decembre 27/2013), show me the words where Candy says she loves Albert as a man, not as a friend-brother and I will believe you. By AtsukiSeiko Watch. Does that mean he was a stowaway?” “he was chased out from the mountain cottage of the Ardlay Estate” “Since he was chased out, Albert said he has no idea what happened to that forest or the mansion.” “‘a friend recommended me to work at the ‘Blue River Zoo’”  (B2- 305-310), to eventually, apology along the epilogue, “Let me renew my apologies” “I can understand you're angry. They both are important in building the story. This text is an attempt of interpretation of the Final Story of Kyoko Misuki Candy Candy novel. This reminds me of the, “where the reader assuming the role of the protagonist, makes choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome.”. I got it that way! Candy writes to Aunt Elroy and later to Stear. I don't want anyone to know that I came from an orphanage. Eliza (who also liked Anthony) took roses from Anthony's garden and blamed Candy. Thankyou for looking to real facts and not wanted interpretation like many others. Let's get back in time...Anthony was a part of a rich family,madame Elroy's favorite. I am sad to see this, but this may be better for Candy as it is a unforgivable waste to live your life holding on to an impossible love for 15 years!! Moreover, as i understood from Mizuki's interview - she doesnt want any named Anohito to appear in the story, as Anohito is not the main character, his presence is just a fact, an alive confirmation of the happiness of our dear Candy. Having a timeline, is not only helping to put the events in a chronological order, but is also helping us to understand them in perspective, within their context. : Terry. They have raised her like a true daughter, I think Great Aunt, you are fully aware of that.”, “Would you also consider giving your blessing to the two lovers Great Aunt?”. Now,they couldn't get rid of her anymore. But stop trashing blog, forums or websites that do not agree with you! No pity!If it's Terry, it's never now. When I found out about the new books I decided to learn Japanese and the culture. Of course, you just need to ignore 200 pages or so - specially those sections where he is actually dead- . Again, FIRST – the reader needs to read all/or most of the novel – in its right proper order – (otherwise, neither the narrative, nor my analysis makes much sense). The previous summer, in 1912, Anthony was alive and Candy was just adopted by Great Uncle Williams. Your sisters divorces once more and moves in with you and your dog. The corrected version of translations, songs and poems are in, forum (I do not know if there is another forum with translation going on in all the aspects, although "las damas de terry" is translating FS from Japanese to Spanish, if you have them please post the links. JM. It would be so strange that she did not care about other person's feelings. Whenever I read the manga I care for W.A. Albert is like a concentrate Zen master; he always knows what to say at the right moment – even when his own life is a mess- but he always presents himself in balance, calm, adult, mature, peaceful, wise, stable, strong, fair, fateful, he is so perfect… that sometimes might come out as boring and less of a challenge because he already evolved. Hi dear cat36, there has been a full activity of translation of CCFS, specially the two couples of months, by three different multilingual translators girls that are doing that huge work (but so many other translators started it after 2010, specially Japanese girls and men), you can find it in the candy-terry forum,, where converge the principal webmistress of candy world from all countries, the official language is English. It was 9 times!!! Instead,I want to bring some points about Anthony's death. 1919 - January - It begins the construction of Pony’s home extension. - But different to Candy, Annie was raised as a lady, “unlike myself, Annie have been adopted by the Brighton’s since she was a child. You’ve got married. the way Candy -while writing to others- refers to him; from Granduncle William, to Uncle William, Mr. William A. Ardlay or even Sr. Albert. (break - page 12 is blank)  To continue in the following (page-14) “... Candy, coming down of the Pony’s Hill at a dizzying speed” -. Hello, for myself t should have finsh this way: Candy with Albert ! Anyways, Mizuki i believe wanted unhappy readers to have their happy endings this time, so she purposely rewrote the story so anyone can interpret it whatever their wants. Albert appears amnesic at the hospital, a few months later Candy and him start sharing an apartment. Leagan’s party- opening of the Miami Resort Hotel. You inherit from your mother some farmland and an old barn, you move back to your ancestors place and wonder why you ever left this place. Although Candy Candy was an anime, it contained soap opera elements, and it had a story (like many anime series), so every chapter began where the last chapter had left off. Whether they are Albert's, Terry's, Anthony's, Archie's, or even Neal's.

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