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English Vocabulary: How to use the verb go, English Vocabulary: Gerunds used for sports. Tackle: (V) To try and take the ball of the other team. kayaking. When you break the rules in any game, the referee punishes the player. John will be glad, and of course we can pick you up. If students have mobile phone, you can send both pictures to their mobile devices. I also help you find the best study tips and training techniques that work for you! He plays football. You play a game of darts or a darts match. The list includes names of about 40 kinds of sports. She’s very small and slim. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. went there to watch her run. She was not the Christiano Ronaldo is often criticized for his lack of (not enough) teamwork. Vocabulary list of kinds of Sports - Learning English Online If we want to talk about sports and leisure activities, we have to know a couple of things: Let’s start by exploring what the most common sports and leisure activities are. Athletic: (Adj) A person who is athletic and is good at sports. © Copyright Learn English Network - All Rights Reserved. Serve: (V) To throw the ball up and hit it at the start of play (e.g. thing to do. ), opponentRoger Federer's opponent in the Wimbledon final was Rafael Nadal.the person one competes against in a contest or a game; rival, passA defender tries to pass the ball to a forward in a good position to score.to throw or kick the ball to another player on one's own team, penaltyThe penalty for abusing a referee is usually a one-match suspension.a punishment imposed on a player or team for breaking the rules of a sport, performAll the athletes will do their best to perform well in the Olympic Games.to carry out a practised activity, such a play a sport, performanceVenus Williams put in one the best performances of her life to win the tournament.an instance of competing in a sports event in public, physiqueRugby players work hard in the gym to build up their physiques.the form or shape of a person's body, pitch (1)The fans cheered as the players ran onto the pitch.a playing field (British), pitch (2)Our pitcher threw one of the best pitches of his life to win the game.a throw of the ball, esp. Not to worry, as all of the main words are right here in one place, forming your essential guide to sports vocabulary. The pitcher was very talented; he pitched a perfect inning! Darts are thrown at a dart board. Score: (N) The points that each team has during the game. Spectator: (N) The viewer or person who watches a sporting event. Word games Sports 2. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos. Get the French Pronunciation Crash Course! Could you give me a lift though? Skill: (N) Skilled (Adj) To be able to do something well, to have talent. He pitched the ball so fast that the person batting was unable to hit the ball. gym / gymnasiumOur gym has a lot of new exercise equipment, including running machines and cycling machines.a room or building equipped for physical exercise, half-timeThe players went into the rooms at half-time and listened to their coach.the interval between the first and second halves of a game, judgeIn sports like diving and gymnastics, judges score each performance in a contest.a person who rates the quality of a sporting performance, usually by awarding points, leagueNearly every town in the U.S. has teams in a local baseball league.a group of sports clubs that play each other over a period for a championship, leisureIt's good for kids to spend some of their leisure time playing sports.free time, or the use of free time for enjoyment, lobHer lob flew high into the air and dropped into the back of the court, just inside the baseline.a shot that is hit in a high arc, usually over the opponent's head, managerLiverpool sacked their manager after they lost eight of their previous ten games.the person in charge of a sports team, medalEvery athlete's dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.a piece of engraved metal given to signify an achievement or an honor, objectThe object of the game of football is to score more goals than the opponents.the thing you want to get or achieve; what you aim to do, offsideForwards have to learn how to avoid being caught in an offside position.In an illegal position ahead of the ball (in football, rugby, hockey, etc. Most winter sports teams train through the summer months so they can build their skills and fitness. OK Mark, we`ll see you then. finish. Athletics: (N) Athletics is the category for any track and field events, such as running (long and short distance), throwing the javelin, long jump etc. tickets. Build your vocabulary today so you can chat with your friends about your favorite hobby or watch your favorite team take the championship. M: I watched the entire race, from start to Hockey and figure skating are in an ice rink (or rink for short). You play a game of tennis or a tennis match. Songs The busy buzz song Which part of the goalJimmy got the ball, ran down the pitch, and then scored the best goal of the game.an instance of scoring in a ball game by getting the ball into a target such as between goal-posts, through a hoop, or into a net. M: I tried to run a marathon once. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Before he gets married next week, he’s going to go to the golf course to play a few rounds with the boys. For each term we give an example sentence in italics followed by the definition. ), skillKen has gone to a boxing camp to improve his boxing skills.the ability to do something well, spectatorSpectators can add a lot to sporting events by creating an exciting atmosphere.a person who watches an event, sportsmanshipGood managers know how to teach their players sportsmanship.an attitude of fairness, respect for opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing, stadium My favorite events to watch during the Olympics are the athletics events. Tennis; A racquet sport played by either two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles). It was She does gymnastics. Joan’s brother is a professional athlete and plays tennis for a living (for money). She won the award for “Best Female Junior Snowboarder” in the city! FluentU lets you learn engaging content with world famous celebrities. Many little boys dream of becoming professional sportspeople when they’re younger, but only a few can achieve their dreams. Sports English Vocabulary. Vocabulary for sport in general and for specific sports. that has ever been measured in a country or the world. We traveled to Boston together. I think that`s a great idea. A referee runs up and down the field/court (soccer) with the players, but an umpire makes the decisions from one position (e.g. You play a game of rugby or a rugby match. I could never do something W: I don’t know how the runners can finish Log in. Teachers can engage students in a classroom vocabulary review for elementary ESL, EFL Learners. Colouring Football kit. Log in. For example, when you tap on the word “brought,” you see this: FluentU lets you tap to look up any word. canoeing. These sports are not used with go: boxing fencing weight training. tennis). My friend is a runner, so I She’s got the perfect physique to be a gymnast. Pitcher: (N)  In baseball, the player who throws the ball from the pitcher’s mound to the batter. I love the running. Andy Murray beat all the other players and won the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Most professional athletes spend hours every day in training. In this section you are gonna see some sentences made up with these verbs: Check these affirmative sentences about some sports and leisure activities. Shoot: (V) Shot (N) To hit, throw or kick the ball to try and score a goal or point (e.g. Instead of going to Friday's Word games Sports equipment. You'll also find quizzes to test your understanding. The referee blew his whistle and moved his hand to show the start of the match. E.g. Whistle: (N) To blow the whistle (Phrase) The small tool that makes a sound that the referee or umpire blows during a game. The referee signaled the players to stop and he gave the player a yellow card for kicking another player. Tennis, volleyball, and basketball are played on a court. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Like the website, the FluentU app lets you learn English from popular talk shows, catchy music videos and funny commercials, Learn English through Movies and Film: A Complete Guide, 8 Great Tips to Learn English Through Songs and Music, 9 Awesome Channels to Learn English on YouTube, 10 Best 90′s Sitcoms for English Learners, 12 English Podcasts Every English Learner Should Listen To, 20 Essential American Slang Words for English Learners, 20 Essential English Idioms for Sounding Like a Native. Sports Vocabulary Games for English Practice, Memory Game, Car Racing Sports Vocabulary Game Activity Online The Sport and Leisure activities topic is one of the most popular topics when you interact with people in English. He’s a huge fan of the All Blacks and he watches every game they play. Tennis; A racquet sport played by either two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles). Words are shown in context with example sentences. That means you can tap on any word to see an image, definition, and useful examples. Yes. Aquatic Sports. game, I think we should go on Saturday. Sports Names. Word games Olympics and Paralympics 1. the whole race! EXCEPTIONS! I’ve never been very athletic … LEARN MORE: English Vocabulary: Gerunds used for sports . If we want to talk about sports and leisure activities, we have to know a couple of things: My basketball coach told me I’m getting better at my free throws. Word games Olympics and Paralympics 2. Cheer on: (Phrasal V) To shout words of encouragement to your favorite team or player. Vocabulary list with types of sports - A - K - Learning English Online with pictures ball (big, like a basket ball, soccer ball). Doncaster Rovers were at the top of their league last year, but this year they have been performing badly and are now positioned fifth on the table. (Download). Practice: (N, V) To continue training to improve the skill. (U.S. spelling: practice)Professional golfers spend hours every day practising their shots.to repeatedly do something in order to develop one's skill, professionalTiger Woods has been a professional golfer since he was 20 years old.a person whose paid occupation is playing a sport, recordDo you know who holds the world record for the men's 100 metres?the best performance that has been officially measured and noted, refereeThe referee saw a foul, blew his whistle and awarded a free kick.a sports official with authority to make rulings during a contest, rulesIn several sports there is an offside rule, and it's often difficult to explain.the laws or regulations that govern how a game or sport is played, scoreDo you know how to keep score in badminton?the number of points a competitor or team earns during a game, serveServing the ball is one of the most important skills in sports like tennis.to hit the ball to begin play (in tennis, table tennis, squash, volleyball, etc. She does gymnastics. It is also great for reading about sports such as in newspaper articles or online. In the final five minutes of the game, the fans cheered on their teams hoping for a win. Our college basketball team practices three times a week. Michael Phelps, the American swimmer broke the record when he won 6 gold medals at the Olympics. You have a truly personalized experience. FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples. Click here to get a copy. awardAll the members of the winning team were awarded a gold medal.to give someone something as a reward for high achievement, beatItaly beat France to win the 2006 FIFA World Cup.to defeat someone in a game or a competition, captainThe captain usually leads his or her team onto the field.the leader of a team, catchA wicketkeeper in cricket must be very good at catching the ball.to grab and hold something that has been thrown, championThe boxer Muhammad Ali was World Heavyweight Champion three times.a top-rated, highly successful player, cheer onThe fans made a lot of noise cheering on their team.to shout encouragement to a team or a player, coachPlayers should carry out their coach's instructions during a game.a person who trains and directs an athlete or a sports team, competeOver 10,000 athletes will compete in the Olympic Games.to take part in a contest or a competition, competitionThe English Premiership League is one of the world's top football competitions.an organized event in which people compete to win, competitorEach competitor in a golf tournament must record his or her own score.a person who takes part in a competition or a sporting contest, contestDo you know who won this year's figure skating contest?a game or event in which people compete to win, courtThe tennis courts at Wimbledon in London have a grass surface.a quadrangular area on which ball games are played, such as tennis or basketball, courseA golf course usually has eighteen holes.an area of land prepared for racing, golf, or other sports, cupAfter they won the final game, the winners were awarded the Championship Cup.a cup-shaped trophy, awarded as a prize in a contest, defeatOur players were very happy after they defeated their opponents in the final game.to win a victory over opponents in a game or contest; to beat, defendThe team attacked and scored two goals, then spent the rest of the game defending the lead.to protect one's goal rather than attempt to score against one's opponents, drawThe score was 1-0, but the losing team got a late goal and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.to finish a contest or game with an even score; tie, eventThe 100 metres run is one of the most exciting events in athletics.a particular contest in a sporting programme, fanSometimes the umpire of a tennis match has to tell noisy fans to be quiet.a person who supports a particular sport, team or player, fieldHow many players are allowed on the field during a baseball game?a piece of land marked out for a sports contest e.g. After the match Amy and her teammates go down to the bar for a drink. How does 2pm A team sport, played outdoors, on a rugby pitch, with an oval rugby ball, and two teams of 15 players. at school tomorrow. Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of the site. OK, we`ll see you on Saturday and John will see you Played on a court divided by a net with racquets and a tennis ball. So, sports are not only great for the body, but also for the children’s mind. tennis and volleyball). 'track and field' events of running, jumping, throwing, etc. There are many sports and leisure activities but these are the most common so as you go through the list, think about the ones that you do, play and practice. There are captions that are interactive. Do you usually go to the beach on the weekends? I just can’t run like my friend can. By the way, how did your friend do in the race? skeleton. You play a game of tennis or a tennis match. ), shootIn basketball, players try shoot from outside the 3-point line to score the extra points.to kick, hit, or throw the ball in an attempt to score a goal (in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc. The score was 2-2. Word games Sports - extreme. It recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. In this game, you will come across words like: basketball, golf, volleyball, football, badminton and more. Let’s take a look at some sports vocabulary in English, from the name of sports to items related to them. No matter your relationship to sports, you’ll need to know some key sports-related words to participate at any level. Record: (N) The best performance of goals, medals, speed etc. The final score was 1-0; it was a really close game. Tournament (N): A number of games and competitions between a certain number of teams or players to win the championship. Your sport is your job. Learn more. For a simple list of the sports that appear in this video, see our lesson about Sports in English which is based upon the video above. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Mark could come with us because they wouldn`t have school the next day. marathon did you see? Perhaps you play sports as a fun way to stay healthy, or you could even compete as a serious athlete. You can print both wordles and ask students if they have any questions about the vocabulary contained in them. Athletic: (Adj) A person who is athletic and is good at sports. That`s great! Try to deduce the meaning from the context before looking at the definition. Most people play sports, do some sort of physical activity or follow a sport. Coach: (N) A person who is responsible for teaching and training the athletes to improve their skills. Athlethic. in baseball and softball, playerHow many players are on the court during a doubles match in tennis?a person who plays a sport, practise athleticsThere are some very good runners on our athletics team. (Pause) Americans insist on calling it soccer. Professional: (N, Adj) To be paid money for the sport you do. Athlete: (N) A person who practices and competes in any sport. The English captain for the 2014 World Cup is John Terry. On this page you’ll find an extremely comprehensive list of French sports vocabulary. I can go. Do you like playing chess with highschool friends? The team gathered in the changing rooms at half-time while the coach explained the strategy for the second half. He’s a skilled rugby player and if he keeps training, he might make it to the national team. All these games and tests open in a new window. Pass: (V, N) To kick or throw the ball to another player in your team. like the idea of keeping John out of school just to got to a football match. The coach wants us to play our best to defend against a goal. M: That’s right. A team sport, usually played outdoors, on a football pitch, with a round football, a goal, with two teams of 11 players, and a goal keeper (goalie). English Vocabulary Words: Sports Locations. I`ve been thinking about exchanging our football © 2020 Enux Education Limited. He prefers to do things alone. bobsleigh. Gym: (N) The place where you can go and exercise on machines or the inside area where sports lessons are done at school. Award: (V,N) Any kind of prize, like a certificate, medal or a trophy. Oh that's fine. They don’t fit easily into any of the three categories. He plays football. It’s a flat area that hosts (holds) sporting events like the Olympic Games, soccer and rugby games. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers. I`d like to reserve four front-row seats for The FluentU app makes it really easy to watch English videos. Captain: (N) The captain is the team leader. Course: (N) An area of land that is used for long running events like marathons, car racing and golf. Opponent: (N) The person that you compete or play against in a competition. Sports English Vocabulary. Amateur: (N/Adj) An amateur is a person who is not a professional or does not get paid for what they do. this Saturday`s match. You’ll also find a list of various sports nouns including names of equipment and places where various sports are played. Defend: (V) Defense: (N) To try and stop the other team from scoring points or goals. What do E.g. Draw: (N) When two teams finish a game with the same number of points/goals. He’s an amateur soccer player, but one day he hopes to play for his favorite team in the UK: Manchester United. Swipe left or right to see more examples for the word you’re learning. cross-country skiing. FluentU remembers the vocabulary that you’re learning. Have a good evening, give my regards to your mum and dad. You can use these questions to generate conversation among students: This is a dialogue about sports in English, it has to do with the Boston Marathon. Arena: (N) Another word for arena that you’re probably more familiar with is stadium. All Rights Reserved. League: (N) A group of sports clubs from one area that play against each other for the season to try and win the championship. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Half-time: (N) The short break between the first and second half of the game. (Ref: Football). really difficult.

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